Specialist Services

Grease Traps

We offer competitive prices without compromising on service. Using the latest methods, equipment and protective clothing, our team will quickly and efficiently access, empty and bag, flush, scrape and power wash your grease traps.
With safety at the forefront of our minds, a full risk assessment is conducted immediately upon arrival at the site. Whilst working our teams wear the latest disposable PPE and all areas have safety barriers.

Why We Are Now Cleaning Grease Traps?

We continue to provide new services at our clients’ request.
After research and costing we found that we were able to offer one of our major clients a significant saving and an improved service in cleaning their kitchen grease traps.

Quantaqua continues to provide new services at our clients’ request.

Rather than needing to have the whole drainage system cleaned our client required a grease trap to be cleaned twice a year and the whole system once a year. The current supplier would only visit sites to clean full systems.

We now hold the contract to clean traps twice per year and our client is saving a minimum 33% per clean.
Additional service includes replacement traps at an average cost of £60.

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Duct Cleaning

Quantaqua offer both Remote Fibroptic Inspection Video Camera & Elcometer Contamination Measuring to record the condition of internal ducting.

We provide both a visual and written contamination report of the duct, its hygiene standard, and general performance.

The report has two possible outcomes:

1. Duct hygiene standard complying to HVCA TR19, EHO, Fire Officers and Insurers
In these circumstances we issue a certificate of test and a recommended re-test date
2. Duct requires cleaning

If this is the case we will clean the duct using one of four main methods, as advised by the HVCA in their latest Codes of Practice TR19

We will discuss and agree the most suitable method with you prior to cleaning, and the work will be planned to an agreed programme minimizing disruption, maximizing safety and efficiency, and in compliance with your budget.

After cleaning we will complete a further Camera and Elcometer and issue a test certificate, before recommending an ongoing hygiene programme & re-test date.
This system is ideal for clients whose work involves hazardous materials, Legionella risk or fire hazards in ducting.

We will work with you to agree regular cleaning & maintenance programmes which will eradicate potential Health & Safety risks, as well as providing cost savings by maintaining and extending the life of equipment.

Contact us or telephone 01332 834693 for more information.